These examples generally follow the flow of Chapter 3 of HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett.

Testing HTML and CSS Concepts

Chapter 3: Lists

The following is an example of an ordered list. Use these steps before meditation to increase your chances of experiencing true nirvana:

  1. Put your right foot in.
  2. Take your right foot out.
  3. Repeat step I.
  4. Shake it all about.
  5. Do the hokey pokey.
  6. Turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about.

The following is an example of an unordered list. Ensure that you have to following ingredients to create the perfect solid rocket fuel:

As a note, this website proved to be a wonderful tutorial on using custom images, like this one, as bullet points in an unordered list.

The following is an example of a definition list containing various food-related definitions:

Sliced raw fish that is served with condiments such as shredded daikon radish or ginger root, wasabi, and soy sauce
A device used to accurately measure the weight of ingredients
A technique by which the scales are removed from the skin of a fish
An Italian cheese usually made from whole cow's milk (although it was traditionally made from buffalo milk)

The following is an example of a nested list containing French desserts: